Remote Sensing data is necessary for EIR

Remote sensing data is included in the Unified Information Resource on Land and Real Estate (EIR). Experiments to create an all-Russian database are being carried out by Roscosmos, Rosreestr and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media (MinTsifry).

The work is currently underway in the Republic of Tatarstan, Irkutsk region, Krasnodar and Perm regions, the experiments involve a surface area of ​​67 thousand square kilometers.

As the basic data for creating a single resource, information from such sources as the USRN, the Unified Electronic Cartographic Framework, the Federal Spatial Data Fund, the State Cadastral Valuation Data Fund, the Federal Fund for Remote Sensing of the Earth from Space and the State Address Register is used.

Today, the use of remote sensing data in the formation of the Unified Information Resource on Land and Real Estate is an objective necessity to increase the reliability, quality and completeness of information about real estate objects and territories that the state information resources contain. Roscosmos can expand the capabilities of this resource by providing appropriate services based on remote sensing data”, said Valery Zaichko, Deputy Director of the Department of Navigation Space Systems (GLONASS) of the State Corporation Roscosmos.

The EIR website says that it is being developed as “a reliable source of information about real estate in the Russian Federation.” The main tasks of the Resource include simplifying the process of obtaining services by citizens and businesses, reducing financial and time costs, obtaining reliable data on real estate, and increasing business activity. At the same time, the EIR also serves to analyze data on land and real estate at the state level.

The task of creating a federal base that uses geoinformation resources of various departments is long overdue. The joint efforts of Roscomos, Rosreestr and MinTsifry bring the formation of a single information space closer.

Source – Roscosmos