GT2021-International Forum Geospatial Technologies

GT Forum is an international multisectoral venue for expert discussion of current trends in geospatial technologies (GST), joint formation of development strategies, and sharing experiences among leading industry experts. The Forum aims at building up cooperation and partnerships between the scientific and business community with investors and government customers, developing international relations, expanding professional horizons.

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How Soviet Ocean-O System Rescued Mikhail Somov Expedition Ship

In the 1980s «Ocean-O» became the world’s first operational radar space system for remote sensing of the Earth. One of its priority tasks was to study the ice situation in the regions of the Arctic and Antarctic, as well asContinue reading “How Soviet Ocean-O System Rescued Mikhail Somov Expedition Ship”

Earth Archive: digital twin for future generations

«An  unprecedented scientific effort to LiDAR scan the entire surface of the Earth before it’s too late» – that is how Christopher Fisher, founder of the Archive Earth project, describes his recent initiative. The goal of the project is toContinue reading “Earth Archive: digital twin for future generations”

The borders of sound: GIS in Music

Just like any element of culture, music has both temporal and spatial dimensions. Today we can distinguish a number of cases of successful and productive use of geoinformation technologies in the musical domain. American journalist Mat Daniels has created anContinue reading “The borders of sound: GIS in Music”


Natural disasters monitoring is one of the most demanded tasks of remote sensing. It involves not only instant notifications of a rapidly changing situation, but also the correlation of dozens of factors that can lead to a disaster. Today theContinue reading “REMOTE SENSING: WATCHING FIRE FROM ABOVE”

Geosmart India 2021: Observing water

Normative regulation and liberalization of geospatial information are global problems. Topics, regularly discussed in Moscow, turned out to be relevant for India. Annual GeoSmart India conference 2021 ended on December 9. State representatives and entrepreneurs took part in discussions on GT,Continue reading “Geosmart India 2021: Observing water”


A UNIFIED GEOINFORMATION SYSTEM ENSURED THE WORK OF THE CEMETERIES IN NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA. GIS «Ritual» created by Data East automates the execution of documents for burial, inventory of burials and site planning. “The charts built on the basis of statistical indicators give a clearContinue reading “GIT AT THE CEMETERY AND ZOO”

GT2021: Nothing Can be Hidden

The inadequacy of normative documents regulating the field of geospatial technologies (GST) in Russia, as well as the role of the GST in ensuring international security have become cross-cutting topics of the International forum GT2021.   ALWAYS LEARNING  Geospatial technologies are evolving at aContinue reading “GT2021: Nothing Can be Hidden”

China launched Satellites for Remote Sensing

China’s satellites, launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre and belonging to the Yaogan-35 family, were launched by a Long March-2D carrier rocket and entered the planned orbit successfully.  As reported by China Central Television, on November 6 the People’sContinue reading “China launched Satellites for Remote Sensing”

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